We had an odd experience to say the least with our last dentist. My children’s dental care has been important to me because I never wanted them to have my same fear. They haven’t been to the dentist in about a year or so and my 16 yr old starting having a pain.

I called mostly out of convenience because they are walking distance from our house. They got us in the same day I called! Everyone was so kind the office is very inviting. The gal up front not only asked if I was doing ok but when it was time invited me back to talk to the Dentist. First thing out of Dr. Adams mouth was “your son has really nice teeth”. My son has an overbite that bothers him to the point he smiles with his mouth closed. Dr. Adams did not know this. He was sensitive towards my 16 year olds insecurities. Explained everything to me told me what was causing his pain.

We went back today for my 13 yr olds 1st appt, which they were able to schedule immediately. The Dr then came out and said he was going to do my sons X-Ray cause everyone was busy.He did this so we didn’t have to keep waiting not knowing my daughter was next. He walked my son back out to the waiting room. Never have I felt such comfort. I said to my son I like it here the Dentist is really nice His response “ya he is”. That’s all I need in my book! As someone who works with the public and their children myself I will commend you all on your natural ability to work as a team. Awesome. Maybe I’ll get brave enough to let you look in my mouth one day 🙂 via Facebook

Dawn Morrison-Culver5 star November 2014